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Eira Ní Sirideáin


“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.”

The child stared at her, deeply impressed. She was red haired, just like herself, but her hair was longer and wavy, her eyes were smiling, and her hands were warm and motherly.
“Eira, this is Maegan.”
His father avoided saying a word about their relationship, but Eira was aware of a lot of things adults wouldn’t tell her.
“And this is our new home.”
The house was magnificent, next to the sea, surrounded by dense vegetation and dizzy cliffs where waves collided without rest. He wanted to celebrate his promotion in the company and the fact that now he was gaining a huge amount of money. It was a good way, after all; better than a terraced house in the suburbs with an insipid swimming pool.
Her new bedroom was full of wooden furniture and joists that gave a particular smell, ancient and enchanting, to the place. The canopy bed emphasized this sensation of being in a seignorial manor in the middle of the forest.

“Would you come with me?” said suddenly Maegan holding out her hand to the child.”I would like to show you this little cove we have down there, and you can even swim if you want.”
“I don’t think she should…”
“Come on, Brennan, you don’t pretend to have your daughter locked in here all the time.
The discussion was soon over and the girl and the woman went to the seaside where no one else would come. But when she was half immersed in the water, Eira saw something moving between her feet; it was like a little silvery child curled up and looking at her with enigmatic silver eyes.
“What… are you?”
“I could say the same thing” protested the creature, touching her legs with a slippery skin.
“I’m… I’m Eira Ní Sirideáin.”
“Really?” He snorted with a strange smile. “The last time I talked to you, you had a different name.”
“I hope at least that time you DID answer my questions… come here!”
She tried to catch him
, but saw two hands standing in her way.
“There you are.”
Maegan placed a rare and pearly shell into her hands.
“It is said that if you put your ear near it, you will be able to hear the ocean talking.”
“Oh, I’ve already heard him, and he is very rude.”

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